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Air Options - Specialized HVAC and Air Handling Unit Systems

Welcome to Air Options your home for Specialized HVAC and Air Handling Unit systems as well as other more standardised air conditioning products.

Additionally, we provide high quality products which we have developed to ensure that industrial and commercial sectors, medical facilities and other specialized spaces receive the ventilation and cooling they require.

We have also designed products which offer clients great results with complete flexible solutions. As a market leader we are able to push towards constant innovation with the latest technology. Our goal is to provide only the best and most optimal products to our clients. We are the only manufacturer in South Africa accredited by the top four global HVAC brands - Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG and Samsung, and we integrate their branded components and technologies into all our custom HVAC designs.

Air Options believes that true success is listening to what our customers needs are.  As such we are always in touch with the latest developments in technology and constantly communicate with various sectors.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our air handling unit systems, additional products and installation services. Alternatively, browse through our products and discover the right Modular or Specialised Unit suitable for your application. We strive for precision, ensuring client satisfaction with every unit delivered.

Through our designs we have been able to supply products which have benefited the South African corporate, Medical and public sectors. Furthermore, our products are competitively priced and are all of a high quality. Likewise, the use of CNC production has allowed us to supply you with perfectly manufactured systems, at the highest quality.

Air Options is also proud of the fact that all units that are designed are done so within South Africa. Moreover, all products and systems are made through the use of South African component suppliers and labour.

We look to grow the entire organisation in order to promote the South African way. Therefore, as our range of modular air handling units and other specialized systems grow, so too will the skills and expertise of each and every worker.

All of our systems are made at home in South Africa. However, the systems are available not only to the South African public but also the global market, and every Sector. As we manufacture and supply all of the units, Air Options hopes to improve and enhance the experience of individuals in industrial spaces as well as medical facilities, large and small.


Air Handling Units for Data Centres


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