Manufacturing Policy

Air Options Manufacturing Policy

The basic, single most important manufacturing policy of Air Options (Pty) Ltd has been one of keeping it as simple as possible.

This coupled to the below listed items ensures that manufactured products leaving the Air Options factory maintain a continuous high standard of quality, on time delivery, easier installation, simple service back up and long life expectancy.

  • A hands on management and production team ensures close control of quality standards.
  • AutoCad & CNC design of most components
  • Quality manufacturing drawings and assembly information is provided to the factory assembly team.
  • Standardised assembly methods and procedures
  • Flexible manufacturing and assembly systems and standards
  • Quality control of all components received into the factory
  • Skills improvement as a result of continual assembly method monitoring
  • Multi-skilling the assembly workforce
  • Quality control of out sourced products and components

Air Options also provides on site installation and project engineering assistance. All systems are pre commissioned before leaving our factory, allowing clients to view their products before delivery.