About Air Options

The Air Options product was initiated originally in 1993 by Graham McCleland and in 1995 with the formation of Air Options (Pty) Ltd, the product has gone from strength to strength with a substantial range of alternative standardised niche products being developed as a result of quality and flexibility of the design and manufacture. The product is now seen as one of the market leaders for quality and performance and is specified by the professional industry.

The specific design of the Air Options air conditioning products has enabled the supply of a range of South African manufactured & designed, competitively priced, high quality, CNC produced, flexible and modular air conditioning units that are manufactured utilising South African components and labour. The flexibility and quality standards now compliment the complete and growing range of standard air conditioning equipment manufactured in South Africa and available globally.

Air Options (Pty) Ltd develops and manufactures a complete range of quality air conditioning equipment, including:

  • DX & chilled water air handling units,
  • DX split air conditioning systems,
  • VRF packaged or split packaged air conditioning units,
  • Air & water cooled packaged air conditioning units,
  • Air cooled water chillers,
  • Customer specified & specialised air conditioning systems
  • Customer specified & specialised water chillers
  • As well as many other specialised systems

The systems designed and manufactured service mainly the light industrial & commercial air conditioning industry in Southern Africa. The units are designed for air conditioning systems that utilise both chilled water and direct expansion refrigeration as the cooling medium. The specific design features of the air conditioning equipment enables the design of specialised air conditioning equipment to meet the customer specific air conditioning requirements utilising standard HVAC equipment, and allowing easy installation and service backup.