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5 Benefits of Quality Indoor Air for Businesses

Whether you’re at work or in the comfort of your home – you want to know that the air you are breathing in is safe and healthy.

The easiest and best way to do this is by installing an air handling system.

There are several benefits that your business will enjoy once the air circulating is conditioned.

Here are five of the top benefits:

  1. Improved Staff Comfort

Comfortable staff are generally happy staff.

Air conditioning systems are not only there to cool spaces down – they also heat spaces up.

Installing an air conditioning system helps to keep the temperature in workplaces consistent – giving your employees the maximum comfort they need to concentrate.

air conditioning for the workplace

  1. Increased Productivity

There are several studies that have looked into the optimum workplace temperature and its correlation to productivity.

High temperatures in the workplace have been directly linked to irritability, lack of focus, and fatigue. In fact, one study showed that productivity drops at least four per cent per degree when workplace temperatures rise above 27 degrees Celsius.

  1. Healthier Environment

In addition to heating and cooling – air handling units effectively filter out dust, allergens, and pathogens. This is generally thought to only be critical in healthcare environments, however, it’s just as important in office blocks and buildings.

During dry months, dust is especially problematic in office buildings, and with dust comes bacteria and viruses.

  1. Silent Operation

Air conditioning systems are silent – unlike noisy fans.

Clear communication is key for any business, and you want the system managing the air in your workplace to be quiet enough for staff members to hear their own thoughts and each other without difficulty.

  1. Protects Business Critical Equipment

It’s clear that there are several benefits that employees enjoy when their workplace is air-conditioned. However, not only your employees will benefit from air-conditioning. Office equipment, especially those that generate their own heat when operating, will also enjoy cooler temperatures.

Air Options – Air-Conditioning your Workplace

We develop and manufacture an extensive range of quality air handling equipment, including:

  • DX & chilled water air handling units,
  • DX split air conditioning systems,
  • VRF packaged or split packaged air conditioning units,
  • Air- & water-cooled packaged air conditioning units,
  • Air cooled water chillers,
  • Customer specified & specialised air conditioning systems,
  • Customer specified & specialised water chillers,
  • As well as many other specialised systems.

Contact us for more information about our products and air-conditioning your workplace.

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