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Building Ventilation and the Omicron Variant

Although the new Omicron Variant is still being studied by medical professionals, one thing is clear about it and that is that it is more transmissible than its predecessors.

What this means is that positive cases are quickly on the rise and, naturally, the world is panicking despite the notably milder symptoms experienced by those infected with SARS-CoV-2 Omicron.

In our previous article, we discussed the role of ventilation in preventing respiratory disease and why adequate ventilation is something that should be taken seriously in the current global pandemic crisis.

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Ventilation in Buildings and the Omicron Variant

As we witness the continuous changes in the way this virus behaves, the importance of rethinking our environments and infrastructure becomes more apparent. Although the new variant causes milder symptoms, it is far more transmissible than the previous variants which could lead to another global shutdown if not managed correctly.

In addition to vaccinations and natural immunity, we need to start thinking of other, more sustainable measures to manage the spread of infectious disease.

One of the most impactful ways we can achieve this is through adequate ventilation in offices, shopping centers, and other public spaces. Clean air environments such as laboratories, hospitals, and pathology facilities all have exceptional ventilation systems in place to protect personnel and visitors alike from potential harm.

This same approach should be taken for other public areas to protect civilians from harmful airborne disease.

The sooner we implement these strategies into new and existing buildings, the sooner we may find ourselves on the other end of this pandemic which has had devastating effects on businesses and the livelihoods of countless people across the world.

Additionally, with proper ventilation in place, many people may be able to return to their places of work safely which can help the economy grow once again.

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