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Medical Air Conditioners & Airborne Viruses

Our expertise in air conditioning extends to the technology required for a number of different medical spaces. These include pharmacies, clinics, surgeries, hospitals and vets and dentist air conditioning needs.

Regulating Climate and a Sterile Atmosphere

Medical air conditioners are important as they regulate climate within healthcare facilities. On top of this, it ensures that preservation of sterile atmosphere is maintained for both patients and staff. The units listed below have been designed in order to focus on actively killing airborne viruses.

Feel free to browse through our list of air conditioning options and find the unit perfect for you. Alternatively do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Medical Air Conditioning South Africa

Medical air conditioners are made for different size areas. There are units which are perfect for single rooms and those that are ideal for the use in entire hospitals. We want to provide you with exactly what you require for the health and safety of your patients.

Air Options provides you with cost effective systems which are geared towards specific needs. The units are economical, far more sustainable than those of the past and easy to install. On top of this, we ensure that maintenance is low compared to other forms of repairs needed. This is down to the durability of the units we supply.

In some cases, a single unit can be used to cool a consultation room or larger spaces in a hospital such as a waiting room. However, it would make more sense to purchase more than one as the units will be strategically placed in order to supply larger spaces with a comfortable and balanced flow of air.

Medical Air Containers

Where airborne viruses are at a higher volume a medical air container will eliminate the risk. Health and safety is vital not only in terms of people catching the cold. It is actually important in the healing process as those who have had an operation need a cool space to rest, relax and heal.

Air Options - Medical Air Conditioning South Africa

We know you will find exactly what you need right here. Our team of experts have done the research to source the right air conditioners for the necessary applications. Furthermore, we will supply the units to you and can install it correctly so that you have an air-con which will last long and cool your space for years to come.

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