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Why Medical Facilities Need Air Conditioners

Medical air conditioners are essential for hospitals as they cover large spaces, and are perfect for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

It may not be the reason why patients begin to heal, however, clean air and good conditions always make a difference when someone is in pain or trying to recover.

Air Options is proud to be a part of the process of healing, providing hospitals and medical facilities with air conditioners which have a number of benefits in these spaces.

We have listed and defined just a few of the benefits below.

Benefits Of Air Conditioners In Hospitals

Hospitals are spaces which have a lot of people in beds, laying for hours or days at a time. On top of this, there is a lot of moving and running around on different floors, especially in the emergency room.

As such there are patients who need to have conditions which are favourable for healing and rest. If the temperature is too cold or too hot, it can unsettle them, resulting in added stress, which is not good when your body needs rest.

Medical staff are also on their feet for long periods of time, having to rush from one space to the next, something which can take a lot out of you and leave you sweating if the air temperature is not at a regulated level.

In operations, which can last many hours, if surgeons and staff feel too stuffy and confined, with there being very little ventilation, mistakes can happen.

Nurses, who are on the floor all of the time, have to keep a level head and a high level of concentration as there are incoming and outgoing patients moving at all times of the day. They need to be able to tell the doctor what the situation is, and what the condition or injury may be.

Decrease In Possibility Of Asthma Attacks

Respiratory problems are a huge issue when it comes to people trying to recover from issues related to the lungs. If the air is not of good quality, whether it be that it is not clean enough, or that it is not being properly ventilated, healing will take much longer to occur.

Asthma attacks can be severe but are more often than not a stressful experience which can really affect a patient’s development.

Having said this, when medical facilities have the right medical air conditioners, more specifically HVAC systems, they have a higher rate of patients healing more effectively, simply because of the fact that the ventilation is not only cleaner, but it is sufficient enough in each and every room, for all patients in that space.


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, which is a system used in order to provide the three essentials.

Being able to adjust the temperature from hot to cool, as well as ensuring that the air is ventilated correctly, bring clean air in and removing stuffy, and possible contaminated air from the space.

This is important as having a regular clean supply of air, as well as temperature conditions which favour health and well-being, will promoting healing.

The hotter and more contaminated air is, the easier it is for infections to last, or to at least be created.

Chilled water air handling units are able to provide cool and clean air, which is what allows the body to strengthen itself.

Cool Place For Rehabilitation

During rehabilitation, in terms of people who are recovering from accidents or from a condition such as a stroke, there is a lot of exercises, stretching and walking which occurs, where muscles are strengthened.

Due to this, there is a need for medical air conditioners which will help to keep the temperature cool and the air good. If there were no air conditioners, there would be a lot of hot, sweaty and stuffy patients, who may feel overwhelmed by the entire experience.

Air Options is a company that believes in supporting medical facilities, as well as offices spaces, with the best and highest quality air conditioners, all with the aim to provide comfort and breathable air.

Our goal is to also ensure that each and every chilled water air handling unit sold, is being used at the optimum level, where everyone in the space will be able to benefit from the HVAC systems.

Decrease In Parasites And Insects

In hot climates, the issue is that parasites and insects are much more easily found, as the heat is almost a breeding ground for these critters.

What this means is that there is a higher chance of patients getting affected by the parasites and insects, especially if there are wounds which need to heal.

This will delay the healing process, which can then lead to further infection and in some cases can lead to amputation if the limb is not treated correctly.

Medical air conditioners, in medical facilities, helps to cool the air down, as well as ensuring that the air is clean enough to breathe and will help to decrease the chances of parasites and insects placing themselves on patients, hurting the healing process overall.

Improved Sleep

Rest and relaxation, including sleep, are important ways in which we as humans heal from all kinds of shock and trauma which we have experienced.

This includes that which is mental trauma, as well as physical trauma, with an example being after a near-fatal car accident.

Sleep is an agent which helps heal the body and with the right conditions, there is a huge possibility that the entire process can go smoothly. Hospitals use air conditioners such as the chilled water air handling units, which provides the right conditions needed for patients to sleep, rest and improve.

Working with a business that understands these needs, such as Air Options, is a great way to work with a company that is competent in providing you with what it is you require.

Decrease In Electronics Overheating

With patients who are in critical condition, the last thing you want is to have the electronics in the room, some which are there to monitor, and some which are there to keep the patient stable, to malfunction or die out.

This is where medical air conditioners help as they are able to ensure that these systems and electronics are kept as cool as possible, which is a great help in instances where patients are on life-support.

Besides this, machines need to be ready to use at all times and having them stop working simply because of heat is unacceptable.

Increase In Work Productivity

The better the air, the better the oxygen intake,  which means that staff, such as nurses and doctors are able to work for longer periods of time, than if the air quality was poor.

Chilled water air handling units provided the right air to spaces, which will ensure that medical professionals are able to do their job as effectively and as efficiently as they possibly can.

The better professionals can work, the better it is for everyone involved as the results of the procedures, care and attentiveness will help in many ways with the healing process.

Decreases The Chance Of Dehydration

With the right air, your body will be able to heal and improve faster, simply because of the fact that there is more good going into your system, than bad.

This includes dehydration which not only has a physical effect on the body but a mental effect as well.

When you install a medical air conditioner into your facility, you are ensuring that although dehydration can occur, there will be a decrease in the chance of dehydration in patients, as well as your staff.

The better the mind is, the better you can handle the day and the daily tasks which can often be strenuous, especially in the medical field.

Decrease The Chance Of Heat Stroke

The same thinking applies here, where the chances of heatstroke occurring can increase if a facility does not have the proper HVAC system. This is dangerous in the sense that heatstroke affects the internal organs, as well as the brain, which can put the body into shock.

This shock can result in a lot of issues, and with severe cases even to the extent of brain damage is a possibility, the right thing to do is to ensure that facilities which are tasked with healing and helping people, do not do the exact opposite.

Medical air conditioners are designed to provide the right temperature and ventilation for large scale facilities. Having said this, the bigger the facility the more units can be installed, which will ensure that each and every room is up to the standard needed for adequate conditions.

Decrease In Noise Pollution

When there is no need for windows to be open, which can allow in a lot of different noises, some pleasant, but also some which can be quite distracting and jarring, the amount of noise pollution which can infiltrate the rooms become limited.

This adds up as it is yet another reason and positive influence on patients getting healed.  The whole goal of a medical facility is to provide a space, with comfort and professional ability, to people who need to heal from injuries.

By having medical air conditioners, you will be able to close those windows, while still having the right airflow in the rooms.

Contact Air Options For More Information

Medical air conditioners, like hospitals, are something which shouldn’t be taken lightly, and we most certainly do not take providing safe and clean air for granted.

If you are looking to get your hands on the highest quality chilled water air handling units, then contact Air Options for more information about their range of air conditioners.

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