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Direct Expansion Air Conditioning - Low Cost Installations

Our range of direct expansion air conditioning allows you to utilise an HVAC system with quality air supply. Furthermore, the system has removed all need for most of the duct work and piping. This is a benefit for industrial and commercial HVAC installations and medical air-conditioning units alike.

Furthermore, the system has allowed for the work of installation to become far simpler. What this means is that the overall cost of the system has become more economical. The lower cost means that you business can purchase more systems at less of a price and with a high quality output.

On top of this, the evaporator is now refrigerated. As the evaporator coil and refrigerant begin to expand they will start to cool the space almost instantly. The direct expansion air conditioning system will absorb the heat from the space.

Direct Expansion Air Conditioning

With low installation cost you will not have to spend a lot of money in order to receive the best performance. Moreover, your space will receive clean and cool air consistently. This helps workers do their job correctly and patients in medical facilities to heal effectively.

Our direct expansion air conditioning is also really easy to test. What this means is that you can set it up in various locations to test where the best position is. You can also adjust it in terms of angle, as well as degree of temperature.

You don’t need to worry about the size of wall space or ceiling space as the unit doesn’t require a lot. It is also a benefit in that your office space could even use the system.

The direct expansion air conditioning unit will save you money. Energy consumption is low meaning that you have lower electricity costs to spend. Likewise, you will be receiving optimum levels of HVAC service while using less energy to do so.

The unit is also durable and the parts do not falter like other types of HVAC or air flow systems. On top of this, maintenance needs and costs are relatively low compared to other systems. Parts are  not that expensive and our team will be able to repair the unit if and when it is required.

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